My name is Sarah, I’m a working mom of one – soon to be two! In the spare moments between work and negotiating with a two year old, I enjoy home projects and cooking up a tasty meal (as long as someone helps with the dishes).

The home projects I’m most interested in are ones that are:

  • Not incredibly labor intensive. Let’s be real, I work a full-time job and care for a family.
  • On a budget. This one is more for my husband. 😉
  • Practical and functional for our household. Making things pretty and aesthetically pleasing are happy surprises after function and practicality.

Food: I love to cook! Most of my recipes are passed down, or “throw some of this in with that” type recipes. But some of my favorites are the recipes I find through other cooks that I tweak to our tastes.

Balancing work, home, and everything in-between isn’t easy or glamorous, but I wouldn’t change this life for anything!

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