It’s Been A While…

Like, 21 months – but who’s counting?

Truth is, I’ve gone back and forth on if I should post again or not. The internet is a very public place and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for exposing myself any further online. I’ve had this nagging thought that at the very least I need to post “after” pictures of our nursery (now toddler room). Because, you know, the masses are clamoring for “after” pictures of my child’s nursery.

So that’s what I’m here to do, the bare minimum!

Here is the room before:

10-21-15 nursery before 3

And After:

IMG_6230 (1)

It’s crazy to think the little lady who sleeps here wasn’t on the outside the last time I posted!

These pictures were taken when it was a little bit colder out. Hence the thicker blankets, but she has claimed the top blanket in this photo as her “blankie”.

IMG_6235 (1)
(Babu for scale)

This little corner “houses” some books, stuffed animals, and other toys. The plant no longer lives there as little fingers tend to find their way into the dirt.

IMG_6234 (1)

IMG_6239 (1)

IMG_6232 (1)

The estate sale dresser/changing table and a couple shelves to hold the baby monitor, bows, and a not much else.

IMG_6231 (1)

Story time…
Someone who shall remain nameless, but you can read about here. Installed those shelves. And while doing so this nameless person came up with the genius idea (I say that in all seriousness, it was super smart of this person) to install the top shelf upside down so that you wouldn’t see any of the hardware on the underside of the board. Well, it turns out that it wasn’t manufactured to be installed that way (duh). I’ll blame pregnancy brain. So the top shelf sags a bit and I’m afraid to set anything heavier than that elephant stuffed animal on it. AND OMG I’m just noticing that handle on the bottom left drawer came loose and wasn’t fixed for this picture. Avert your eyes!

Quick, look down here!


New IMG_6241 (1)

Remember when I said the internet isn’t very private? Well, my kid’s names will be. Hence the scribbled out backpack, but how cute is this? We use it as a diaper bag for her when going to the grandparents or sitter’s.

So that concludes the tour 21 months in the making!

There are a couple things I would have done differently. But overall, I’m really happy with how the room turned out. This room will always be filled with memories post bathtime, combed wet hair, blankie in lap, and lots of bedtime stories from that very squeaky chair. Seriously, I bought WD-40 two years ago for that chair and still have yet to spray it. Maybe I’ll get to it before the next time I post? Or maybe life will get in the way and 21 months will pass. All the while the masses clamoring for an update on whether or not the chair still squeaks.

Only time will tell.


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