The Perks of Having a Playroom

Earlier this year we carpeted our basement in an effort to corral all the big toys and give our girl a place of her own to play ’til her hearts content. So far, we have been so grateful for this space. She asks to play in her playroom almost every night, which makes for a great bargaining chip if she eats all her dinner.

I figured I would update with some pictures of how it looks on any given night after a thorough play-sesh.

11-10-15 perks playroom

Here is the wall opposite of the staircase. It houses some books, a cork board (which we’ll fill up with more drawings and paintings), her cash register, and the cozy coup. We would’ve brought the cozy coup outside, but our driveway is very steep and we worry about our girl. The basement is a great solution until she can control it. I also busted out and cleaned up the baby bouncer and exersaucer. The exercise ball is fun to kick around, but I’ll be using that for early labor.

11-10-15 perks playroom 3

To the left we have her frozen tent that holds a bunch of blue and pink balls – she loves this thing! I think it cost maybe $20 and it was worth every single penny. We also have her play kitchen that I found at a thrift store and cleaned up, her shopping cart and play food, a small doll house, her cars, and the wooden corner piece houses some craft supplies at the moment. That dry sink was made by my grandfather and repainted at some point. I plan on restoring it in the Spring/Summer next year. You’ll also notice a “vintage ceramic” heater on the wall. The only time we’ve ever turned this on was during the home inspection. To be honest, it makes me a little nervous.

11-10-15 perks playroom 6

To the left once again we have a TV and a couple chairs. It isn’t fancy, but it works for now. We would like to eventually get a couch down here, but…baby steps. On the right wall is a barbie house, this thing was actually mine when I was a little girl. I got it for Christmas when I was maybe 6 or 7? After I outgrew it, I gave it to my younger cousin and it was just returned a few weeks ago as a birthday gift for my daughter. My Aunt and Uncle even updated the house with new wall paper and carpeting, they did such a cute job! It’s heartwarming to me that my girls will be playing with the barbie house that I logged so many hours with when I was younger. Although, it was funny to see how dated the “furnishings” are on each level. You can tell it was the 80’s.

11-10-15 perks playroom 7

Just to get your bearings, here is a shot of the staircase and the door that leads to our laundry. I was annoyed with basement laundry at first, but it makes the chore so much easier now that we have this space. She can roam around while I fold and then we bring everything up when we’re done. By the way, those mylar balloons are from her birthday party in early October. They’re still in great shape – I can’t believe how long they’ve lasted!

11-10-15 perks playroom 5

And last, but not least, my husband’s drum set. This is actually one of my favorite items down here. My daughter loves to drum with him and it’s incredibly cute to watch the two of them bond. When she’s not banging on the drums with him, she dances as he plays.

It’s not a magazine worthy space, but it’s functional and we get a lot of use out of it. This room allows us to spend more time together on her level to engage in imaginative play. We have created so many memories here so far, and we’re extremely happy to have a playroom to let loose in. That in itself has more value to me than a picture from a magazine.


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