Squeezie Maker

Every morning my daughter asks for a “squeezie”. You know these things – they’re pouches of fruit, veggie, and yogurt puree.

These are the ones we typically get her…

11-9-15 squeezie maker

However, at $2.00 a pouch these add up on the grocery bill. So in an effort to reduce some weekly cost, while still providing a similar product (except now we know exactly what’s inside), I ordered a Squeeze Station.

11-9-15 squeezie maker 2

At $16.00 for the station and $11.00 for 50 pouches, this seemed like a no-brainer (especially with another one on the way).

I never really made homemade baby food for her when she was younger. We mostly just mushed a banana or avocado and had her eat that, but we were never opposed to purchasing baby food. I’m hoping that I enjoy this experience enough to continue feeding our girls homemade purees.

This weekend I picked up sweet potato, pears, bananas, raspberries, beets, carrots, apples, and greek yogurt. Here’s what I’m thinking for combinations…

  • Sweet potato, apple, banana, and yogurt.
  • Pear, apple, carrot, and yogurt.
  • Raspberry, beet, and yogurt.

The ones that we usually purchase have grains in them too, so I’m going to look into possibly adding that element.

I’m hoping to whip these up tonight or tomorrow (we’re running low on store bough squeezies). So I’ll update with some of the trials and errors. It seems easy enough; puree, fill, and press the puree into the pouches using the station.

11-9-15 squeezie maker 3

Would love to know if anyone has used something similar, or if there are recipes that I have to try.


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