Framing a Memory

On Sunday we took a nature hike that turned into more of a forest exploration. And what’s a good exploration without collecting a few items to bring back home?

My daughter picked up a huge brown leaf, a pine cone, and a pretty multicolored red and yellow leaf.

Some loot from our "nature walk"

My husband had the idea to frame the little multicolored leaf, but we figured without somewhat preserving it, the leaf would just shrivel up and wither away.

Enter, Mod Podge. Honestly, I’ve never used this stuff before, so I’m hoping it does the trick in preserving the leaf.

11-5-15 framed 10

But first things first, I needed to flatten the leaf out a bit. So I covered it with my stack of card stock paper.

11-5-15 framed 7

After it was flattened, I smeared some Mod Podge onto the paper and placed the leaf on top. Then I did a few thin layers of Mod Podge on top of the leaf. I found that it didn’t work as well right away. I needed to let the Mod Podge set a little bit before smoothing everything out. I even used my fingers to press the corners of the leaf onto the paper towards the end.

11-5-15 framed 8

Then I let it set and dry.

Once it dried, I grabbed my frame. Quick story about the frame, I buy frames whenever I see them on clearance at target and save them for when I have a new picture to pop in there, rather than going out to buy a new frame every time.

And another sidebar, but why the heck do they put the sticker in the most inconvenient place? The thing never peels off cleanly.

11-5-15 framed 6

After scrubbing the glass to get rid of the sticker backing (ugh), I used it as a template and traced around the leaf.

11-5-15 framed 9

Then I simply cut it out and popped it in the frame.

11-5-15 framed 5

I’m not sure where this will ultimately end up. Right now we have it sitting in the family room.

11-5-15 framed 3

I think it’s pretty cute here, but it might end up somewhere else. Also, I’m keeping an eye on it to see if it will keep or not. Only time will tell!


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