So I had been having this dilemma with our half bath. If you recall this post, I needed to find a hook to drill into the side of the vanity in order to hang our step stool.

When my husband and I were in the checkout line at Homegoods I spotted a cute owl hook for $4.99. The hook itself looked wide enough and sturdy enough to hold the weight of the step stool, so I popped it in the cart and brought that baby home.

Attaching it would be a little more difficult than screwing it into the side and calling it good. You see, the gap between the wall and the vanity didn’t leave enough room for the drill.

11-4-14 hooked 10

So I would be drilling from the inside out.

First I lined up the hook inside the vanity and marked the spot for the two holes I needed to drill.

11-4-14 hooked 9

Easy enough.

Then I used the drill to make the holes from the inside, out. I then attached the hook using two small screws from the outside, in. Luckily my hands are small enough and my screwdriver isn’t that long, so I was able to secure it without a problem.

11-4-14 hooked 6

11-4-14 hooked 8

11-4-14 hooked 5

Cute, right? And it wound up costing as much as (if not less) than the command hooks that wouldn’t hold. Now the step stool can easily be moved out of the way without looking so sloppy.


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