33 Weeks and 30 Years

The above picture is from my town’s Facebook page. How gorgeous is that?!


When I first found out I was pregnant, I thought that when it got to be my birthday it would be such an exciting time because I would be in the home stretch. Well, that day is here. On Sunday I turn 30, and while it’s a milestone, I don’t necessarily feel any different. Everyone asks, “how does it feel now that you’re going to be 30?” I don’t have an answer for that. I feel like me and I’m extremely fortunate to be content with where I am in my life. I’m beginning to wonder if I should feel different?

10-23-15 33and30

This weekend I’m celebrating by using a spa gift card that I received on Mother’s Day from my amazing husband. As soon as I received the gift, I knew I was going to save it until my birthday weekend – such a treat! Pregnant ladies, past and present -have you ever gotten a pregnancy massage? I got two last time I was pregnant, they are THAT good. I would highly recommend treating yourself, or asking for a gift card to a spa for your birthday or other occasion.

10-23-15 33and30 2

You may have noticed I’m using a different phone in the two bump photos above. The new iPhone came on Wednesday and it’s just as pretty and spectacular as I’d hoped. The screen size makes all the difference, I’m saying it here today – size does matter! 😛

Tomorrow night we’re going to Hibachi for a birthday dinner with my family. Sure, I’m looking forward to the food and show, but I’m more looking forward to the reaction of my daughter. It’s her first time at a Hibachi restaurant and I love seeing new experiences through her eyes. It could however totally backfire and she might go running for the door, but she’s a pretty adventurous kid, so I think she’ll enjoy it.

For my actual birthday on Sunday, we have no plans. It depends on the weather that day, but we tossed around the idea of going to Letchworth State Park for a hike and scenery. We also talked about getting a pumpkin for carving with our daughter, so we’ll see where the day takes us. I’m actually looking forward to not having any expectations this weekend. Sometimes the best plans are the ones we haven’t made yet.


Cheers to the weekend, have a drink for me! 🙂


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