Weekend Recap

This was the first weekend in awhile that we were able to kick back and relax without any prior obligations. The summer weekends fill up quickly and we have a few early fall birthdays to celebrate, so it was nice to do things on our own time this weekend.

Friday – We went out to dinner at a pub/restaurant where my husband was able to partake in the draft specials as I enviously drank my lemonade. Two more months…

On our way out of the parking lot another woman and I backed into each other. It was pouring rain. I got upset. Life went on.

We then headed to Babies R Us or as my daughter calls it, “the baby store!” We picked up a couple items for the newbie; a blanket and sound machine.

Saturday – We went to a pancake breakfast for a friend’s daughter. I ate 8 breakfast sausages.

After breakfast we did our grocery shopping and headed to the AT&T store. I got the new iPhone 6s in gold. Not going to lie, rose gold was tempting, but I can’t be that girl. The phone was an early birthday gift from my husband – it arrives this week!

We got home and made our first fire of the year. It felt good breaking into our enormous wood pile!


I made a crockpot of beef stew and then laid on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. Those 8 sausages came back to haunt me.

Sunday – Potty training is in full effect. We decide to go the whole day (minus naptime and bedtime) without a diaper on. She does surprisingly well, barring a couple accidents, which we expected. We’re hoping to get her fully trained by the time baby #2 comes. Again, two more months…

We finger painted, made another fire, and played drums with da-da.

It was our first time making chicken pot pie and let me tell you, it was a HUGE success – so delicious on a cold fall day.

This weekend was a true lazy weekend and I’m feeling ready to hit the ground running today. I think my family really needed that time to decompress after a long and busy summer.

Next weekend is my birthday weekend. I’ll be “dirty thirty” and all that means is that I’ll be in the midst of potty training, probably without a shower, and there will be peanut butter crusted in my hair. 🙂


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