Keeping it clean

Being a full time working mom means rushing to get out the door in the morning, sitting in the office all day, throwing together a hot meal in the evening, and following a bedtime routine for the little one at night. There is little spare time for things like laundry, vacuuming, dusting, and god forbid – cleaning windows. I cannot remember the last time I cleaned our windows, but I do know they could stand to be wiped down. Since we have such busy days, I would try to cram in all the cleaning on the weekends, but that was no fun. Weekends should be for enjoying. So I came up with a solution to do something every day to keep up with the house work.

Here is our schedule:

Monday – Laundry. This is usually the heaviest day for laundry since it piles up after the weekend. Total sidenote: My husband is better at folding laundry than I am. I’m OK, but his piles of folded laundry look like department store displays.

Cleaning 10-13-15 9

Tuesday – Vacuuming. Sometimes it’s just the first floor, other times I can get to the upstairs as well.

Cleaning 10-13-15 11

Wednesday – Laundry again. Usually a bit lighter today, so I’ll also try to dust or clean the bathrooms. Some days I just kick back and enjoy not having a whole lot to do on these days and I’ll eat bonbons on the couch. Just kidding – I prefer ice cream.

Cleaning 10-13-15

Thursday – Floor day again. If I didn’t vacuum the second floor on Tuesday, I’ll do that today and simply swiffer the floors downstairs. This is also my day to clean the master bathroom.

Cleaning 10-13-15 5

Friday – Laundry again. Although, I rarely stick to this one. Friday nights are for unwinding and going out for dinner. So laundry tends to be an afterthought.

Cleaning 10-13-15 13

Saturday – NOTHING…not a damn thing. 😛 If only this were true… I tend not to schedule any housework for myself on Saturdays because I prefer to do family activities, but during nap time I have been known to clean up where necessary and even get some yard work done.

Sunday- This might be the day my husband and I work together the best. Perhaps it’s because we give ourselves time to relax on Saturday, but this is usually our project day. These projects could be anything as simple as, “hey I wanted to hang that here, let’s do that now,” to major projects like installing our dishwasher.

Things that I do every couple of weeks: mop the floors, wash the sofa slipcovers and pillows, wipe down the baseboards and chair rail. Going to also add here, clean the windows. With two dogs and a two year old, cleaning the windows should be placed somewhere on the agenda.

Of course this schedule isn’t set in stone, it’s not even written out anywhere in our house. But I keep this schedule in mind each day and try to stick to it the best that I can. Otherwise, I’m cleaning all weekend and I was just tired of not having enough time for myself or my family. I think the best therapy after a long and busy week is to kick back and do what you want to do, instead of having to cross items off of your chore list.

Scheduling small tasks each day of the week after a long day at work isn’t for everyone. But it’s been working for us and I’ve been really enjoying the time I have on the weekend to spend with my family.

Cleaning 10-13-15-16


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