Ding dong!

Well, this weekend was exhausting and I’m so sore today. But our girl had a blast at her party – that makes it all worth it! 🙂

You may notice something new at our front door.

Ever since we moved into our house the doorbell hasn’t worked. After many attempts to try and figure out the issue, we decided to scrap the old bell and install a wireless option.

Last week the SadoTech Model CXR arrived and took under 3 minutes to install. Most of that time was spent opening the package.

10-8-15 Doorbell

The doorbell came with two receivers, which I find to be super convenient. We placed one under the bench in the front hall and the other in the basement. I do miss the look and sound of a traditional doorbell, but the ease of this option far outweighs any negatives. This bell has about 50 different tones, most of which I find are obnoxious and too long. We keep ours on the first “ding dong” chime option. I’ve read in a few reviews that if the power goes out, the bell will reset to the first chime. So just keeping it on that option seems like the easiest solution. There’s also a volume setting so we can turn it down (or even unplug the receiver) when our daughter is napping.

10-8-15 Doorbell 2

When we were installing the bell, we considered installing it over the mess that was left by removing the old bell, but having the bell on the left side didn’t make as much sense to us. So now we have to fill the holes on the left side, which shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

10-8-15 Doorbell 4

So far we love having a working doorbell and I think our delivery carriers appreciate it as well. The dogs? Maybe not so much. They bark whenever the wind blows.

All in all I think this was a good investment for us. Total cost was $25, install was a breeze, and a functioning doorbell has been extremely useful. Just in time for Halloween!


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