Our Moderately Internet Famous Pugs

Introducing our moderately internet famous pugs – Daisy and Leo! I say “moderately famous” because they’re no Doug the Pug. Their fame is more like, if Cesar Millan were to host a celebrity game show for dogs; Daisy and Leo might get a call if Doug passed on the gig.

Funny story about this moderately internet famous photo…

10-7-15 Daisy at Vet

It was my first day back to work after having my daughter. I am lucky that my job allowed me to work from home for the first 3 months postpartum. However, my first day back didn’t go so smoothly. Not only was I catching up on 6 weeks worth of voicemails and emails, caring for a newborn, and trying to figure out my new life, but my dogs also decided that today of all days they were going to be sick. Throw up all over the house kind of sick. All day. So between answering emails, changing diapers, and attempting to shovel some food in my face, I was cleaning up dog vomit.

I made the vet appointment for that night and took them over as soon as my husband got home from work.

Miraculously both dogs recovered as soon as a car ride was introduced. Funny how that works. It wasn’t until we arrived at the vets office that Leo started to realize where we were and began cowering again. He hates the vet. Daisy, on the other hand loves the vet. She thinks she’s the mayor, hence her excitement in the photo. It’s funny to me how much the picture captures their personalities. Leo, more reserved and ready to go home, whereas Daisy is ready to party it up.

The vet checked them over, but whatever they had seemed to pass through their systems and we were sent on our way.

10-7-15 Pugs 10-7-15 Pugs 4 10-7-15 Pugs 3 10-7-15 Pugs 2

Daisy is our “lazy Daisy”. She loves to lay and sleep (who doesn’t?!). You have to call her name 3 or 5 times before she actually gets up. It worried us thinking she might be losing her hearing, but she’s not – she just likes to wait until the very last second before we start to raise our voices. I think her tongue grows the older she gets. She will be 8 this year.

10-7-15 Daisy 10-7-15 Daisy Tongue 10-7-15 Daisy 7 10-7-15 Daisy 6 10-7-15 Daisy 5 10-7-15 Daisy 4 10-7-15 Daisy 3 10-7-15 Daisy 2

Leo is lovingly referred to as “Babu”. My daughter dubbed him with this name and it just kind of stuck. He loves to be loved and will follow us all over the house. The first picture below perfectly encapsulates everything about him; comfort, luxury, and a sense of self-entitlement. I laugh every time I look at it. He just turned 6.

10-7-15 Babu 9 10-7-15 Babu 10-7-15 Babu 7 10-7-15 Babu 6 10-7-15 Babu 5 10-7-15 Babu 4 10-7-15 Babu 3 10-7-15 Babu 8

So those are our moderately internet famous dogs. And Cesar, if you’re reading this – we’re on board should Doug decline. 😉


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