The big 02!

It’a hard to believe my daughter turns two this week. The first year went by quickly, but this second year seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye. Slow down year three!

My girl has gone from baby to kid in 365 short days. She was walking with assistance for her first birthday and this year she’ll be running and speaking in full sentences. It’s amazing to witness her grow and experience the world around her each and every day.

Last year we took her to The Strong Museum of Play on her birthday. This year we will be going to Color Me Mine to paint ceramics – she loves painting!

We will be throwing a birthday party this upcoming weekend. Her only request? Cake. Specifically an Anna and Elsa cake. So of course I have to get my baby her Frozen theme cake and of course that means there will be other Frozen themed items at the party.

I’ll post all the party details later this week. Warning – this isn’t Pinterest so don’t expect a recipe for fake snow or labels for the party snacks, but I did pick up a few cute ideas that I’ll be incorporating. It’s nothing fancy or time consuming. I’d rather be spending time with the birthday girl than assembling 3D paper snowflakes; as pretty as they would be for the back drop of the home photo booth I’m planning. JK. Thats not happening either. Maybe for year three…if I start planning now, I might have enough time. Although, I have a feeling this year is going to be the quickest yet.

Trying not to blink.


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