10 weeks and counting…

Well, I hit the 30 week mark this Tuesday – 10 weeks to go! Some things have been very different this pregnancy, but some have been similar, if not the same.

10-2-15 prego selfie 2


Still sweets like I was with our first daughter. Except this time I also want vinegar based foods like pickles, sauerkraut, and yellow mustard. I actually drove out to Burger King on lunch yesterday because I wanted the baby was craving a burger, fries, and a milkshake. Early on in my pregnancy I had this irresistible urge for a blooming onion. Onion rings and onion straws just wouldn’t cut it. That was the first, and really, only time that I’ve had a craving that needed to be satiated.


Looooow. I’ve read that women typically carry lower with second and subsequent children. But man, the difference is pretty striking to me. I carried quite high with our first and now I’m carrying so low that I use a support belt some days. Another funny difference to me is that my belly button never popped out with my first and I’m an “outie” this time.


So far things have been the same as they were with the first. I did get a little less sick during early pregnancy this time, but I’ve been very lucky in my health for both. I’m a little concerned that I may get PUPPP again. It didn’t show up until about 35-36 weeks last time and it was truly a nightmare. I would soak in an oatmeal bath a few times a day and wake up during the middle of the night scratching. I’ve had other weird skin issues this pregnancy like dry elbows, and irritation around my wedding rings. All are manageable, I’m just hoping to avoid PUPPP again. During the last couple weeks of my last pregnancy my blood pressure spiked, so I’m also carefully watching that. So far so good.

10-2-15 prego selfie

I’m someone who really does not like being pregnant even though I have had pretty easy pregnancies compared to other women. I hate being so big that I can’t breath or move like I want to, but it’s all worth it when I feel the baby squirming around in there – that’s hands down the best part about pregnancy. Well… that and the day you finally get to see who was inside all along. 🙂


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