Thrift Store Find: Play Kitchen

When looking for inexpensive, gently used kids toys, garage sales are my favorite place to shop. You can find so many great toys that require little clean-up and the seller is usually more than willing to negotiate. The second best place to find kids toys is at thrift stores.

After carpeting the basement and turning it into a playroom for our daughter, I was on the hunt for a play kitchen. She loves to help me cook and bake whenever possible, so I thought it would be fun for her to pretend to cook for us on her own. It must have been my lucky day because the first thrift store I went to had a cute little kitchen that was in good condition for $10. SOLD.

It was a bit dingy, so I sprayed it with some cleaner and wiped it down outside. However, some of the images on the stickers had peeled from age or use. I thought it would be easy enough to peel up the backing, but I was so wrong. Whenever I touched paper, it flaked away leaving the adhesive residue. For the first time ever my go-to adhesive remover, Goo Gone failed me.

Enter plan B…washi tape. This was my first experience with washi tape and I must say, I get the hype. It was so much fun to use. I want to washi tape everything now! Thankfully, I have willpower and to date I have only “washi-ed” this play kitchen.


The parts that got the washi tape treatment are around the oven knobs, above the dishwasher, and in the refrigerator water dispenser. I probably could have left the peeling stickers and my daughter would have loved it the same, but this was a fun update nonetheless.

image2 image1

Total for this little project is around $15. You really can’t beat that!


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