Knock, knock!

Who’s there? Blue.

9-25-15 Fall Front Door

When we first moved in our door was a hunter green. It could have been pretty enough on it’s own, but the problem was that the shutters are a sage green and the two colors didn’t play well.

Insert dilemma…

Do I paint the door to pair well with the shutters? Do I paint the shutters to match the door (Ha! – no. Well, not right now anyway). Do I paint everything all at once?(nahhhh).

Now I’m going to preface this before picture by saying, I suck at taking before pictures. I don’t think ahead enough to take one and then when I’m done with my project, I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t. This is the best before picture I could find to show the color of the door. I’ll warn you, my dog left a present on the door step, so for posterity’s sake I’ve censored the image.

9-28-15 Door before

You might be asking yourself, “Why would anyone take such a disturbing picture?” The answer is simple; to send to my husband to confirm what an asshole my dog can be. A cute, lovable, asshole.

Anywho, focus on the door color. Not such a great match for sage green shutters. So, during my lunch break I went to Home Depot in search of the perfect door color. I grabbed a few gray swatches, as well as a black one, and a reddish/maroon one. After holding each up to the door while standing at a distance and closing one eye (a very scientific approach), I wound up liking the way the blue looked best. It had some green undertones which I thought would play off the shutters nicely – ya know, until I paint them.  The black was too, well, dark. The gray’s were a bit boring, and the reddish/maroon I thought would be really pretty, but the husband nixed it. He actual wound up choosing the blue along with me, so it was settled – blue it is!

About two hours during a Saturday morning and the doors were done!

9-22-15 House Pic 9-22-15 Front of House 9-25-15 Fall Front Door

I love it, but I’m still itching to change out the shutters. Also, we further updated the front door last week by adding a new door bell. The one pictured hasn’t worked since we moved in – perhaps that’s a post for another day!


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