That’s a lot of wood!

It’s been just over a year of living in our “new” house. We moved in June 2014 and endured a full Winter in Western New York without utilizing our fireplace. This year I wanted to make sure we had the ambiance and warmth of our fireplace during the colder months, so I hired a chimney inspector.

9-24-15 Fireplace 1

$120 later (ouch) and we were cleared for wood burning! They did recommend some brick refacing on the outer part of the chimney, but I think we’ll wait until next year to swallow that pill.

Up next… firewood! This was my first time purchasing firewood, so I had no idea what to expect in terms of the sheer amount that would be delivered.

I was at work when they made the delivery and when I rolled up the driveway that evening my jaw dropped.

9-24-15 Firewood 6

This is the amount of one facecord (a 4’x8′ pile according to the company’s website). I had to laugh because before placing the order, my husband and I were going back and forth between if we needed one or two facecords (again, our first time ordering firewood).

9-24-15 Firewood 4

We didn’t originally expect to make a fire every single night this Winter, but I think we may have to in order to get through this much wood. As you can see, my daughter LOVES this pile of firewood for whatever reason. I guess it’s new and different and that’s cool to a kid? We’ll see how cool she thinks it is when we start stacking it. Get your gloves out, kid!


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