Half-bath Update

A couple weeks ago it was hot here – real hot. Summer didn’t want to let go. Too hot that I needed to focus my energy from the garden to somewhere in our cushy air conditioned house. Let me just say, this is the first time I’ve lived with air conditioning and I will never go back.

The downstairs half-bath seemed like the next logical step in my pursuit to GET ALL THE THINGS DONE! by the time baby arrives. I’m really bad at taking before pictures, so this is the best I could find of the half-bath.

Snipped Bathroom 1

Not a great representation, but you can see the dingy wall color and the floral (garden?) border that ran around the whole bathroom. Not our style and I wish I had taken a picture of the wallpaper wrapped switchplate.

I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money in here and thought maybe a coat of paint, new mirror, and new light fixture would be enough to make the room feel fresh again.

So that’s what I did over the course of a few weeknights. As my husband wrangled the little one, I could be found prepping, priming, and painting the bathroom. It became such a frequent nightly occurrence to my daughter that she would wake up in the morning saying, “Mama, paint!”

I used Behr Eon for the top half of the walls and Behr off the shelf ultra white for the chair rail and below.

Here’s where we are today:


I left the cabinet and vanity – both are oak and in great condition. I didn’t want to do a major renovation at this point, but we’ll probably switch them out in the future. The light fixture is new from Lowes and the mirror is from Target. The rug is an Etsy find that showed up in the mail yesterday LIKE THIS:

IMG_5086Package 1

Maybe it’s because I don’t order much online and this came all the way from Turkey, but the package had me a little worried – it was so beat up! Thankfully, the rug is beautiful and I couldn’t be happier with the new look.


I think it really completes the room. Although, if you look closely you’ll see I need to touch up the wall color (and close my toilet lid). And since this bathroom connects to the kitchen and family room I’m thinking I want to bring the color out to those walls to brighten and freshen up the place.

Here we go again…”Mama, paint!”

Total for this little update: Around $200.


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